19 de agosto de 2012

who's the freak now ?

Hi. Are you there ? Yeah, you. The love of my life ! The last time I checked, you weren't. You are more distant than ever and I want you to know that I'm hurt. I'm hurt like I've never been before. Your distance kills me inside and the worst is that i can't turn off this pain. They are growing as the time passes by. I struggle myself to keep you out of my mind everyday, but unfortunately I can't do it. Don't you understand ? You're so f*cking important to me that even phrases that are "hard to say" (Yes, "hard to say", because I've never said them before. I was saving them to someone special like you.) like "I love you", "Stay with me forever!" and words can't describe it. They're just a little proof about how much I can love you. It's not exaggerated to say that I can't live without you, because truth be told .... I truly can't. I love you so much that I feel I can't let you go. I need you to stay right here with me, so you and I can become an "us". How I wish we could be together forever and always. How i wish you were the same. I'll love either way, even if it means that I'll suffer. I'm going to  do it. I'm going to do it for "us" !

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